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Behind The Black

After her own struggle with a mental health crisis & suicidal ideation, Jaquia Abreu knew something had to change. Born from a visceral desire to create a safe, non-judgmental, and therapeutic space from within, Gully Thoughts provides resources such as mental health/wellness education & connective services which can help bridge the gap between individuals and professional counseling needs. Our ultimate goal is to create a community where we can share the struggles and journey of mental health, understand the importance of self-care, provide tools and resources and be a part of each other’s support system. By coming together as a collective, we can learn to care for each other and create a healthier lifestyle for one another through mentorship and guidance. 

Subsequent to penning her first publication Unorthodox Words, Jaquia decided to broaden her reach. This reach came in her favorite experiences thus far…community focus. Ms. Abreau centers on self-love as she shares with an even younger audience in the form of poetry camps, most recently at H.Y.P.E Freedom School program.  She has graciously shared her talents with HBCUs such as TSU & PVAMU with a renewed grasp on healing trauma while realizing your potential. Her latest work: Heal, Boss Up, and Repeat is not only a title- but also a workbook. An intricate look at how to recognize & defeat unhealthy thoughts, motivations, & behaviors in a modern world. Find out more about where Jaquia & Gully Thoughts will be including her performance on Saturday, February 11, 2023, in Houston for her upcoming performance at Spits & Giggles Poetry Show.

Jaquia Abreu -The Journey

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Be Gully

Contribute to your own wellness journey with healing, affirmations & more by purchasing your own copy of this publication! 

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