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Ancient Urn

Behind the Black

A Network Engineer in the Oil & Gas space, Howard hails from deep political roots & even greater aspirations.  He has traveled all over the world as a STEAM professional who gives back not only as an engineer but also as a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Still, Howard felt that his calling had not fully been realized.
Beyond high aspirations, and community services Howard’s family owns a mortuary in the 5th ward area of Houston.   Ross Mortuary has been a staple in the area and has been serving its community for years. Howard noticed more & more that the community opted for cremation services over traditional burial. Arguably, there were few customizable options to his liking. Enter his collaboration with his cousin- who’s more like a sister Edwina. Coupled with his experience with 3D printing the two of them worked to develop LEO-47. A more affordable, yet customizable option completes with more colors & design options for its purchasers.
Today, Howard still continues his STEAM profession but works to pay it forward by expanding his business offerings to even more morticians & funeral service professionals across the country. 

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