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X-Quisitely Speaking Art Exhibition - 2023/24

Artistry Illuminated, Space Illumined

At Black Phlox Candle Co., we don't just ignite wicks, we kindle dreams. And it's with this fervor for creativity and community that we present to you the X-Quisitely Speaking Art Exhibition, 2023/24.

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Be Seen, Be Celebrated

Dear talented Artist,

We believe that every artist deserves a platform, an audience that applauds their spirit and passion. That's why we're excited to open our walls and our hearts to the community's incredible talent for the 2023/24 Local Community Art Exhibit. Here's your chance to showcase your masterpiece to a community that deeply appreciates creativity.


The Process, Simplified:

Here’s What You Should Know:

  • Showcase Frequency: Every ninety (90) days, the community will curate ten stellar artworks for a sixty (60) day display.

  • Age Eligibility: Eighteen (18) years and above. 

  • Artists will be asked in the application to submit a clear photo/headshot of themselves, an image of their submission, and an artist statement.  We will use this information for the voting process, to build social media spotlights/posts, create an Artist feature on our website with contact information, and draw awareness about each artist, their submission, and the exhibits. 

  • Exhibit Terms for 2023/24:

    • Term 1: October 1 - December 31, 2023

    • Term 2: January 8 - March 31, 2024

    • Term 3: April 8 - June 30, 2024

    • Term 4: July 8 - September 30, 2024

  • Important Dates:

    • Term 1 Submission Cut-off: September 9th (Midnight). All submissions after September 9th will be included in subsequent terms. 

    • Community Voting: September 9th to 22nd.

    • Artist Notification: September 23rd.

    • Public Notification:  September 24th. 

    • Virtual Meeting between Artists and Black Phlox Candle Co - TBA

    • Oct 1st - 9th will be for Artists (or their legal representative) to Mount their work. 

    • Oct 12th will be the Grand Exhibit for the 1st Term.  All Artists (or their legal representative) are required to attend the Grand Exhibit of their assigned term.

    • 1st Term ends December 31st

    • Jan 1st - 7th - Artists (or their legal representative) retrieve their work unless it has been sold.  


  • Art Sales:  If you're submitted piece should sell before your Showcase Term, please notify Black Phlox Candle Co so that we can move a waiting artist into the available slot.

  • Reapplication:  You can reapply to be featured in additional terms with another piece of work as many times as you like.  


Essentials to Know:

  • Age: Eighteen (18) years and older can participate.

  • Limited Mediums: Paintings, photographs, and drawings.

  • Dimensions: Artwork must fit within a space of 36 x 40.

  • Social Commitment: Artists must follow Black Phlox Candle Co on FB/IG and like and share our event updates.

  • Art Handling: Artists or their representatives are fully responsible for their art pieces - from mounting to retrieval.

  • Artists' Responsibility: It is the full & unequivocal responsibility of the artist or assigned representative to maintain all enhancements, handling, mounting, display, delivery, retrieval, payment, or details therein.   

  • Financials:  In the application we will ask Artists if they have a preferred payment method and working URL so that the entirety of the sale is handled straight through the Artist.   Artists are required to notify Black Phlox as soon as an item sells both during their showcase or before it so that we can make adjustments accordingly. 


  • Representatives must be added to your application.  If you are using a representative Black Phlox Candle Co will be in contact to gather additional information on your representative. 

  • Art Retrieval: Artists must claim unsold works within 7 days post-term. After 14 days, unclaimed works may be donated or discarded.

What Black Phlox Candle Co Offers:

  • Zero Registration Fee: Absolutely free to join.

  • Full Sales Proceeds: If your artwork sells, you get 100% of the amount.

  • Exposure and Recognition: Featured artists gain significant community exposure.

  • Space 



  • Is there a registration fee?   No, this endeavor is completely built on the idea and passion Black Phlox has for curating the community.  

  • Do you have to be from Houston?   No, you do not have to be from Houston in order to participate.  As long as artists meet the criteria described in the application for the showcase, have a designated legal representative, and/or can travel for the mounting and handling of their artwork/piece for their term and can come to the opening of their exhibit term, they are more than welcome!  

  • Sales of the Works:  If a piece/project sells during your term.  100% of the sale goes to the Artist.  Black Phlox realizes that artists bring so much fulfillment to our lives, and we are happy to provide a space where that can be realized.  Within the application, we ask Artists if they have a preferred payment method and URL so that the entirety of the sale is handled straight through the artist.   Artists are required to notify Black Phlox as soon as an item sells both during their showcase or before it so that we can make adjustments accordingly. 

Splattered Paint

Please reach out to us directly if you have any further questions or concerns at

An Invitation, An Opportunity

This is more than just a gallery display—it's a celebration of local artistry, a rendezvous of the community's heart and soul. We invite you to be a part of this journey, to share your creativity, and to join hands in making this event a true testament to the spirit of community and artistry.

Looking forward to a vivid autumn, Rica and Tasha Kendrick Palmer

Owners, Black Phlox Candle Co.

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