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Behind the Black

An Army Veteran, Tramashika Dewalt is no stranger to giving from her heart for the greater good. But when she came home, she was surprised by the gap between military life & her civilian reality. Thus, a hunger for service began; after being employed by several veteran service organizations, Tramashika- lovingly known as "Tee", Just knew she could do more- she just knew there was more to give. Thus, United In Service Coalition was born. Strictly through donations, she sponsors events, services, and interactive conversations, United In Service Coalition strives to inform, educate, & change the lives of veterans and those in the community. Led by Tramashika Dewalt, teams of veterans along with local community citizens, join together to bring meaningful progress back to areas that need our attention. 

Since its inception in 2022, the United In Service Coalition has transformed lives. Through various works, Tee supports vulnerable individuals' growth, well-being, and independence. Through their workshops, they provide mentorships, skills development, and transition readiness. One of the biggest achievements of this organization is the single-handed leadership of its founder, Tramashika Dewalt. Tee was recognized in November 2022 by the NFL for her service in the veterans' service space & looks forward to attending the Super Bowl in February 2023. 

At United in-Service Coalition, our mission is to create an atmosphere of service that unites veterans and the community to improve our quality of life. We have faith that together, we can make a difference. 

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